From Baby Formula to Whole Milk

Today officially begins our transition from formula to milk. Aizayah has finally finished his baby formula and now that he is 1-year-old it is time to start giving him whole milk. Since I am new to this whole “Motherhood” thing I don’t know who the transition is going to be harder on. Myself or Aizayah.

For the past year my SO and I have developed a method that works best to our advantage, when it comes to keeping Aizayah asleep throughout the night. It turns out that if he starts whining in the middle of the night and refuses to take his pacifier, we pop a bottle in his mouth and he will automatically go back to sleep. With that being said in order for this method to be successful it must happen quickly. Therefore, we always keep a bottle on deck next to the bed.

Some may call it lazy but I call it convenient.

If it works why not, right?!

Well now that this transitioning is here and happening, I have no idea how our year-long method will continue to work. I am not a fan of leaving milk out for too long. So the whole idea of having a bottle on deck is completely out the window. I don’t know how well I will get through these first few night but I guess it’s one of the many struggles of a Real MILF.