How Motherhood Changed My Life

Whether it was a laugh, a giggle, a whisper or a smirk I was always told “Motherhood will change your life”.

Oh Momma were they right!


Motherhood definitely changed me for the better AND for the worse. Yes, I can and will admit that Motherhood has changed me for the worse. But I will never let it outweigh the great changes it has made for the better.

Before my son, my life was about school, work and the nightlife. I lived in Florida while my family still lived in NY. I had no responsibility for anyone but myself and no one was responsible for me. Therefore, I had to do everything on my own. I cooked, if I wasn’t pigging out on fast food, and cleaned when things needed to be cleaned. I am not the greatest chef nor the cleanest person on Earth. However, I managed to keep my stomach full and my things nice and tidy.

Now that I am a Momma, I’ve become lackadaisical. I can never clean and finish cleaning due to constant interruption from the baby. I’ve gained weight that seems nearly impossible to lose no matter what I do. I don’t look nor feel like my pre-pregnancy self at all, leading my self-confidence to go down tremendously.

Everyone always spoke of the negative changes Motherhood would bring. Yet, they never stated the positive.

So on that note…

There is a whole other side I have gained and continue to gain through this journey. I have learned how to be fully responsible not only for myself but for the life of another human being. I have a complete different outtake on parents and kids and appreciate them even more. I can actually connect and get a better understanding what they are possibly going through. Now I know why some parents do the things they do as well as kids. I may be a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) with no 9-5, which some of you may call lazy, but in actuality Motherhood made me become more ambitious and determined to work for myself and become successful as my own boss. I never want to see my son hurt or have to struggle nor do I want to miss out on anything he does or wants to do. Therefore, I am doing everything I can to make a successful living as a Stay at Home Mompreneur. Motherhood gave me realistic career and life goals I can achieve. I gained the mentality of a GOAL digger not a gold digger. I also acquired motivation to try to live a better and healthier life for both myself and my family.


So yes, I may be lazy when it comes to cleaning and I may have a lack of self-confidence. But as long as my child is well and happy, that is the greatest joy this Momma can bring!


How has Motherhood changed you?

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