How Motherhood Changed My Life

Whether it was a laugh, a giggle, a whisper or a smirk I was always told “Motherhood will change your life”.

Oh Momma were they right!


Motherhood definitely changed me for the better AND for the worse. Yes, I can and will admit that Motherhood has changed me for the worse. But I will never let it outweigh the great changes it has made for the better.

Before my son, my life was about school, work and the nightlife. I lived in Florida while my family still lived in NY. I had no responsibility for anyone but myself and no one was responsible for me. Therefore, I had to do everything on my own. I cooked, if I wasn’t pigging out on fast food, and cleaned when things needed to be cleaned. I am not the greatest chef nor the cleanest person on Earth. However, I managed to keep my stomach full and my things nice and tidy.

Now that I am a Momma, I’ve become lackadaisical. I can never clean and finish cleaning due to constant interruption from the baby. I’ve gained weight that seems nearly impossible to lose no matter what I do. I don’t look nor feel like my pre-pregnancy self at all, leading my self-confidence to go down tremendously.

Everyone always spoke of the negative changes Motherhood would bring. Yet, they never stated the positive.

So on that note…

There is a whole other side I have gained and continue to gain through this journey. I have learned how to be fully responsible not only for myself but for the life of another human being. I have a complete different outtake on parents and kids and appreciate them even more. I can actually connect and get a better understanding what they are possibly going through. Now I know why some parents do the things they do as well as kids. I may be a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) with no 9-5, which some of you may call lazy, but in actuality Motherhood made me become more ambitious and determined to work for myself and become successful as my own boss. I never want to see my son hurt or have to struggle nor do I want to miss out on anything he does or wants to do. Therefore, I am doing everything I can to make a successful living as a Stay at Home Mompreneur. Motherhood gave me realistic career and life goals I can achieve. I gained the mentality of a GOAL digger not a gold digger. I also acquired motivation to try to live a better and healthier life for both myself and my family.


So yes, I may be lazy when it comes to cleaning and I may have a lack of self-confidence. But as long as my child is well and happy, that is the greatest joy this Momma can bring!


How has Motherhood changed you?

From Baby Formula to Whole Milk

Today officially begins our transition from formula to milk. Aizayah has finally finished his baby formula and now that he is 1-year-old it is time to start giving him whole milk. Since I am new to this whole “Motherhood” thing I don’t know who the transition is going to be harder on. Myself or Aizayah.

For the past year my SO and I have developed a method that works best to our advantage, when it comes to keeping Aizayah asleep throughout the night. It turns out that if he starts whining in the middle of the night and refuses to take his pacifier, we pop a bottle in his mouth and he will automatically go back to sleep. With that being said in order for this method to be successful it must happen quickly. Therefore, we always keep a bottle on deck next to the bed.

Some may call it lazy but I call it convenient.

If it works why not, right?!

Well now that this transitioning is here and happening, I have no idea how our year-long method will continue to work. I am not a fan of leaving milk out for too long. So the whole idea of having a bottle on deck is completely out the window. I don’t know how well I will get through these first few night but I guess it’s one of the many struggles of a Real MILF.


KID (Kids In Distress) Hero 5k Run/Walk

The Real MILFs is a Proud Participant of the KID Hero 5k Run/Walk Charity event Thursday, May 2nd 2013.

Since 1979, Kids in Distress has had a demonstrated record of caring for and treating abused and neglected children through a full continuum of care that includes emergency shelters, therapeutic services, abuse prevention, foster care and adoption.

Kids In Distress depends on the community’s continued support to provide children with much-needed care. Through fun-filled events sponsored by philanthropic companies and people, you can get involved and make a difference!

To donate to the cause please click on the picture or go to http://hero5k.kintera.org/faf/donorReg/donorPledge.asp?ievent=1054761&supId=382808302

A donation can never be too big or too small. All will be greatly appreciated!


The KID Hero 5k is a USATF Certified 5K Walk/Run course event that takes you through Downtown Fort Lauderdale and beautiful Rio Vista. YOU are the Heroes of Kids In Distress, so we encourage you to dress as your favorite Superhero or inspirational figure! Prizes will be awarded for the best costume and best team theme.

The KID Hero 5K will take place on May 2, 2013 at Huizenga Plaza in Downtown Fort Lauderdale.Registration opens at 5:00pm, runners start at 6:30 p.m. and walkers start at 6:35 p.m.

After you cross the finish line, we invite you to stay to enjoy the awesome food trucks, drinks, prizes and live performances by ALEXANDER STAR and The BLACK VIOLINS!!

Online adult registration is $35.00 until April 30th at noon (registration will increase to $50.00 after this date.) Children 17 and under can register for $10.00 (registration will go up to $20.00 after April 30th at noon.)


Window Shopping…An Exercise?!


I’m not really a shopping type of girl, especially if I’m going by myself. However, since I moved not too far from a mall I find myself going there at least once a week. I’m either buying, returning or exchanging something as well as working out.

No, my mall does not have a gym. Well then, how do I workout?! I window shop! I take my son with me and park on the opposite side of the mall from the store I definitely need to go to. After buying, returning, exchanging or whatever it is that I have to do I begin my round abouts. I usually go into stores that I already shop at to keep my motivation alive. I will spend about 5-10 minutes going through racks, tables, baskets, walls, etc. while continuously moving around the store. Once I’ve seen everything that has captured my attention I move on to the next store.

Some may ask how is that a workout. Well, for me, I get my cardio in with all the walking around the mall and in the stores I’m doing. I also get my squats and leg workouts with all the bending down to look at things at picking them up and putting them back where they were. Lastly, I work my arms by going through racks, reaching for things on the walls, and of course pushing my son’s stroller back and forth, taking him in and out of his carseat, and placing his stroller in and out the trunk of the car.

So why would I just walk around my block or on a track with no type of motivation around me when I can be in an environment that will make me move and get more of a workout than just cardio. And to make it more fun, I will invite a friend along with her baby and we can get our Window Shopping Workout on together.

This is NOT for everyone and I DO NOT recommend this for Shopaholics. Your body won’t get a workout but your purses definitely will, and not a good one.


Melted Crayon Canvas Art








1. Take a box of crayons and hot glue each one onto your canvas in the desired design of your choice.

(You can leave the wrappers on or peel off)


2. Prop your canvas up straight and begin to blow dry the ends of your crayons until they drip down your canvas.


3. Wait until your canvas is completely dry before mounting your beautiful piece of art.



Let your little one choose the design and help you hold the hair dryer to melt the crayons.




Friends… Who Needs Them?!


Thanks to my son, whom I am absolutely grateful for, I have come to realize that I have no type of circle, square, nor triangle of people whom I can call REAL friends.

Originally from Long Island, NY now residing in Fort Lauderdale, FL I used to live the fast life before my son arrived. I was a full-time student, working two sometimes three jobs, and going clubbing almost every weekend. I thought I had all the friends I needed.


Once I stopped going out, due to my pregnancy, everything slowly started to change. The girls, I used to party and have sleepovers with, soon became memories. I understood that I no longer “shared the same interest” with them but one has a child of her own. I would’ve hoped the she, out of anybody, would be the main person to know what I was going through. Unfortunately, I received no phone calls, no hit ups, NOTHING. Not even a “Congratulations”. I decided to ignore the facts and still extend the invitation to my baby shower. Out of ALL my “friends” who received an invite, only two showed up. That was when my eyes really opened up and I began to see the truth for what it was.

My immediate family was still living in NY, therefore I was alone… just me… my boyfriend… and our soon-to-be bundle of joy. I had NO idea what to expect nor how to handle my pregnancy and my boyfriend was clueless. I was definitely the epitome of a H.A.M. (Hot Ass Mess).

On Friday, April 27th 2012 at 8:26am, I was blessed with a healthy, 6lb, 10oz, 21in baby boy named Aizayah James. That morning began the BEST day of my life and I became a Mother! I can never describe the feeling of having someone whose life depends on you so much on. Who needs friends when I have all I need right here laying in my arms. My whole world now revolved around my little boy.

As days, weeks, and months swiftly passed up by. I started to miss that fact of having friends. My son was getting big enough for someone to babysit but I had no one to go anywhere or do anything with. My boyfriend grew tired of me wanting to do everything and go everywhere with him. “I do have a life and friends of my own you know,” he said to me “you seriously need to find some friends of your own and not no B.S. friends but some real genuine friends”. Pahaa yea right, easier said than done. But I agreed, and that is how the birth of The Real MILFs came to be.

So who needs friends you ask?

I do!

And I know there’s some Mommas out there who need some real genuine Momma friends too!

// //