The Lemonade Diet

I did not find out until recently, a year after having my son, that my main reason for not snapping back to my fierce pre-baby bod was because of the birth control I was on. One of the side effects was excessive weight gain, which was exactly what I have. Therefore, I have decided that in order to speed the process of getting rid of this toxic waste that is in my system I will be joining the Summer session of The Master Cleanse Group Cleanse Experience.


The Master Cleanse is a three phase process. The beginning phase is the Ease-In to the Master Cleanse process. This is an optional phase that lasts for 3 days and began Friday, July 12th 2013.


The main phase is The Lemonade Diet. This process begins on Monday, July 15th 2013 and will last 10 days. I don’t know how I am going to live off of Lemonade ONLY for these 10 days but I am going to try my best to stick it out.


The last phase of The Master Cleanse is the Ease-Out of the Master Cleanse. This is a mandatory 3 day process, unlike the Ease-In to the Master Cleanse phase.


To join me for the Summer session and to learn more about The Lemonade Diet, click on The Master Cleanse Group Cleanse Experience.

Registration is still open and its FREE!


Window Shopping…An Exercise?!


I’m not really a shopping type of girl, especially if I’m going by myself. However, since I moved not too far from a mall I find myself going there at least once a week. I’m either buying, returning or exchanging something as well as working out.

No, my mall does not have a gym. Well then, how do I workout?! I window shop! I take my son with me and park on the opposite side of the mall from the store I definitely need to go to. After buying, returning, exchanging or whatever it is that I have to do I begin my round abouts. I usually go into stores that I already shop at to keep my motivation alive. I will spend about 5-10 minutes going through racks, tables, baskets, walls, etc. while continuously moving around the store. Once I’ve seen everything that has captured my attention I move on to the next store.

Some may ask how is that a workout. Well, for me, I get my cardio in with all the walking around the mall and in the stores I’m doing. I also get my squats and leg workouts with all the bending down to look at things at picking them up and putting them back where they were. Lastly, I work my arms by going through racks, reaching for things on the walls, and of course pushing my son’s stroller back and forth, taking him in and out of his carseat, and placing his stroller in and out the trunk of the car.

So why would I just walk around my block or on a track with no type of motivation around me when I can be in an environment that will make me move and get more of a workout than just cardio. And to make it more fun, I will invite a friend along with her baby and we can get our Window Shopping Workout on together.

This is NOT for everyone and I DO NOT recommend this for Shopaholics. Your body won’t get a workout but your purses definitely will, and not a good one.